Never Again Shall Speakers Tear a Couple Apart

Getting uneasy over speakers? Too black. Too Boxy. Too Shiny. Too Cold.
We know. Not anymore.

Here's Uploud Audio UA1

A minimalist speaker from Helsinki. With awesome sound. Dressed in Speakerwear to suit your place.

Learn more here.

UA1 likes walls.

Install your UA1 on the wall with one screw. Or place it on a bookshelf.

Try to forget speaker stands & robot arms.

Enjoy where you are.

Finnish-made UA1 lets you enjoy great sound while living your life. No need to sit in front of a hifi altar.

It's legit.

Finland’s leading hifi connoisseur Samu Saurama on

“[UA1] is a small speaker on the wall with bass capacity you won’t believe without hearing it”.

Our coaxial speaker drivers are made in Norway by SEAS Fabrikker AS.


is a piece of clothing for your Uploud Audios with Nordic look and feel.


Click here to see some spaces with Uploud Audios.

BLOG: Took a walk

to the docks near the Boutique Factory.

Kotiteatterin rakentaja!

Kehitä kotikinoasi tai käynnistä uusi projekti paremmin tiedoin. Katso UA1:n suunnittelijan Tuukan 9 vinkkiä täältä.

UA Boutique Factory Hours in 2015

Tue+Wed 16-19

+ by request

Pursimiehenkatu 21, Helsinki.

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